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The Great Water Story by Paul Byers

Hi, my name is Paul Byers from Great Water Filters Australia.

I was brought up on a remote country farm with my six sisters and my mother and father. I was the only boy!

It was long working hours helping dad plough paddocks, harvest crops.

He taught me a great work ethic, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day was normal. Dad was a hard task master.

At the age of 3 I lost my left arm in a wheat auger.

My parents, especially my dad NEVER allowed me to use this new challenge as an excuse.

Dad played football for Essendon (Australian Rules Football Competition Team) under John Coleman.

So luckily enough he (dad) passed his skills down to me, so I played Aussie Rules football. I played tennis and I also swam for the local swimming club. I loved sports and was passionate about it.

I can always remember, the long working days or sporting carnivals, coming home with a dry mouth parched & drinking water from which seemed then our MASSIVE WATER TANK.

It was like heaven, sweet, clean & refreshing! The tank was outside it was the place i would go to even on a cold winters night before bed. ‘I always loved the simple taste of water’.

The years passed my parents decided it be better if we moved to the city knowing they had six daughters and 1 son!

I can always remember the day i drank water from our city drinking water tap. A chemical taste and a slight bad odour.

I stopped drinking water and turned to soft drinks and other water substitutes.

Unconsciously I was doing it without knowing. I stopped drinking water. It was unfortunate…

I began putting on weight, I felt lethargic.

I was 19 and started my job search and applied for a role in a water filtration company. On my interview i drank water through a water filtration system that turned normal tap water into something that ‘took me back to a young boy, gulping water from our country farm rain water tank’.

I was so EXCITED at this point, I realised I had neglected drinking water for a couple of years since moving to the city simply because it didn’t taste sweet, clean & refreshing!

Luckily the company bought me on board. For three years I passionately sold/told my story to people who were interested in improving their health but weren’t drinking any water!

I felt it was my obligation to inform people about drinking more water. Hopefully 8 glasses of water a day, just to flush out their kidneys of toxins, hydrate their brain & body; Not to feel lethargic or people run down, just to feel better.

It is such a simple thing to do, but 80% of the population walk around in a dehydrated state & suffer from all sorts of ill effects and at the same time they invest a thousand dollars in all sorts get healthy pills, and all sorts other options…

– head ache tablets and get fit gimmicks and don’t drink 8 glasses of water a day.

"It is what motivates and drives me every day to get all Australians drinking more clean great tasting water and love it" - Paul Byers.

Leo: Paul, back when you were working for that company, did you have any conflict of philosophy there, where you wanted to do more for your clients?

Paul: Um, I did. Being an employee, it was great, I worked hard. I was a loyal worker but I felt I couldn’t give everything I had control of in the group.

I found when I opened my own company ‘Great Water Filters Australia’, I invested a lot more time in developing the best product; the best technology available to make the purest water that’s available.

So I was always passionate about to make sure that the technology inside the water system was always improving all the time, giving the best tasting water that was available in the market.

Leo: What’s wrong with the products that are out there at the moment?

Paul: Um, products out there…I think there’s more to just a …

A filter is a filter. Like, people buy a filter from Bunnings, or a hardware store. It’s just a basic carbon filter. It works, it takes out septic contamination.

But I’m pretty passionate about having ultra pure water, so it’s got nothing in it. It's like really pure H2O.

One, it’s got nothing in it, except pure water. Other products take the good and the bad out.

Where I’m invested in making sure our systems put all the good healthy minerals back in and puts the pH up to a healthier standard. So it’s more active water. So it’s the best water we can give our customers.

Leo: In addition to that your company provides the best service, can you fill us in on that one?

Paul: Yeah, good question. I suppose working as an employee in the group I identified over the 3 years that I could never 100% control or look after the customer, get them drinking the water, But I have never controlled the after sales service…

So I felt that if was my company, then the buck stops with me. So um, if the customer ever needed anything 1,2,3,4,5, 10, 20 years down the track, I will always be there for them!

So i felt it was important for me personally that I could always serve my customer indefinely. So that if they needed something, I was there for them. That’s important.

Leo: What has the company become in the past 20 years?

Paul: The company has become a group that has really focused on getting the best water, pure water for our customers. Make sure that it always tastes sweet, clean, refreshing.

Make sure the technology never becomes obsolete, so in 5 or 7 years time you do not need to buy a new system, that’s important.

So it has become great: in leaving pure water; it has become great, with technology developments and become great in customer support. And if you need anything we are only a phone call away.

Leo: You have been servicing the Australian public for 20 years, so how many customers would you have serviced?

It was a bit of a highlight, 20,000 customers. 20,000 customers in 20 years! So yeah, that’s correct!

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